Manta Trust

The Manta Trust calls, Mondomaldive replies!!

Greetings to all of you “Maldives lovers” from everyone at the Manta Trust team..

2014 started with fireworks!!

We all know that the Maldivian Manta Ray Project Database is the biggest in the world, but already in 2014 we have reached a new milestone! We have 3000 mantas in our database!!!

And we still have over 100 new mantas waiting to be added!!!

Yes, you got it right; we have identified, catalogued and listed over 3100 mantas. That’s awesom…
And of course, we would like to share this achievement  with all of you and everyone who have sent their manta pictures from all corners of the archipelago!
But that’s not all….. A new year has just begun and we’ll do our very best to collect as much data as possible again. So if you have any pictures of mantas from your last Maldivian trip, or even pictures from the past years (which are very rare and thus precious for our studies), please SEND THEM!

What more can we say?

3000 times THANK YOU divers, snorkelers and supporters!

3000 times THANK YOU Mondomaldive!

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Tania Militello, Manta Trust 2014

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