About us

Created end 2004 by administrators Paolo Bellicini and Roberta Migliarini, following their great passion for Maldives, MondoMaldive has quickly become the Italian reference web portal for those who require any kind of information on the Maldivian world, be they tourists or tourism operators.

MondoMaldive is today’s sole web site acknowledged by the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) as a total guarantee for objective, independent and clear information. MondoMaldive is a registered trade mark ®.

Over the years, MondoMaldive has produced several publications:

- Fish card in Italian/English language
- Guide to resorts in Italian language
- Guide to resorts in English language
- Map of Maldives
- Guide to Maldives in English language
- Guide to resorts on CD in Russian language
- Aerial picture card showing all resorts in the Maldives
- Fish card in German/French language
- Fish card in Russian language
- Underwater Fish card Italian/English language
- Underwater Fish card German/French language
- Fish card in Chinese/Japanese language

Our products are sold by shops in Male’ or in resort boutiques.


To get in contact with the administrators:

As MondoMaldive requires frantic activity to keep website and forum up-to-date and lively, we makes extensive use of the precious help of our Moderators and Collaborators.

Super Moderators:
Archetti Beppe
Benatti Elvira
Marco Gorni
Silvia Scevarolli

Ilaria Fabbrini
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