Protect the Maldives

At the Maldives you will be amazed by the beauty of the place, by the colours of the sea, by the whiteness of the sand and by the marine life of the coral reef.
Sometimes we forget that with a few acts we can contribute in maintaining this beautiful ecosystem for many years to come.
Please read the following advises and contribute in protecting these beautiful islands.

At the Maldives there are no stones, but corals. Coral is a beautiful and complex organism made up by invisible polyps grown in a very long period.
Pay attention around you. While you are snorkel or dive, do not touch anything, so you do not destroy the ecosystem and you avoid painful cuts or scares by the yellow fire coral.
Damages to the reef and to the ecological system can be punished economically and in some cases with the expulsion from the island.
The Maldivian law prohibits to pick up also sand, live or dead coral and shells and controls the luggage at the airport.
Coral is an important ring in the food chain and of the ecosystem: through their digestive process it creates the sand which is a food for different fish species.
Shells are not only a shelter for many organisms, but once they are broken they become part of the beaches.

Protect the Maldives, coral
Coral: pay attention to your fins. If you want to stand, find a sandy place
Protect the Maldives, coral
Coral: do not touch, hang on to or lean on the corals, you could break them

At the Maldives you can admire an incredible abundance of various species of fishes. It is extraordinary to observe their life, their customs, their shapes and their colours.
It is always important to remember that we are hosts in this world and we must behave in respectful and delicate way.
It is advisable not to try and catch or touch fishes, as it can be dangerous and can bother the animals.

It is advisable not to feed fishes; if you feed the young individuals in the lagoons they cannot learn hunting
It is advisable not touch fishes, even if we are tempted.

A physical contact with these beautiful creatures is attracting, but we must remind that they are covered by a mucous membrane that protects them from parasites and from the relative diseases: the ph of our skin can remove this membrane and exposes the fishes to risks for their health.

At the Maldives there are venomous fishes, which infect through their spines dangerous cardiotoxins. Therefore do not put your hands in crevices or caves.
Protect the Maldives, fish
Fishes: do not touch fishes, just admire them
In the last years, tourism has become one of the most important economic activities at the Maldives.

There is still much to do and the distances between the atolls and the Capital not always allows a long-term ecological policy.

Therefore each tourist should try and avoid damaging the environment around him.
Each small act is important and will be useful in the future.

In each resort electricity is supplied by a diesel engine, therefore it is better not to use the air conditioning the whole day.

Water wastes are also a kind of pollution. Water is produced by a freshwater plant, with a consequential high energy consumption.
Therefore, if possible, avoid letting the water run during showering if not necessary.

Rubbish at the Maldives is burned and sometimes ashes are thrown in the sea. Sometimes rubbish is sent to the burning plants on bigger islands or in the Capital.

Maldives cannot eliminate all the rubbish produced by more than 600.000 tourists per year (data of 2004)

For this reason and for the obvious difficulty in eliminating several materials, we suggest to:
- bring back the empty containers of shampoo, bath foam, conditioner, cream and photograph film.
- If you use washing powder for your bathing suits or personal care products, use them sparely.
- If you smoke, don’t throw the cigarette package, its film or cigarette stubs in the sea or on the beach.
Each resort has ashtrays and rubbish-bins, use them!
- The exhausted batteries (if you do not use the rechargeable ones) must be brought back to your country, just like the empty medicine blisters.

Protect the Maldives, pollution
Pollution: if you smoke, do not throw the cigarettes package or stubs on the beach or in the sea..

Protect the Maldives, pollution
Pollution: if you use washing powders for your bathing suits or personal care products, use them sparely..
Protect the Maldives, pollution
Pollution: bring back home the empty containers of shampoo, bath foam, conditioner, cream, the photograph film and the exhausted batteries

These are acts that can help in safeguarding the Maldives, do not forget it!