Means of transport to reach the resorts

There are three ways to reach the resorts from Hulhule airport. The boat, the seaplane and the domestic flight.


The Speed boat is used for the transfer to the resorts in Male atoll and to the resorts in North Ari atoll, Rasdhoo atoll and Felidhoo atoll. The speed boat generally carries about 24 people. To reach the resorts Kuramathi, Maayafushi, Alimathŕ and Dhiggiri is used a bigger boat.


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The seaplane is usually used when the transfer by speedboat is very long. It is not possible to use the seaplane for transfers to the resorts located in Male. There are two companies of seaplanes in Maldives. Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways. The two companies of seaplanes have merged into an investment company called Blackstone. The time of the transfer depends on how the links are organized by the companies . Before the departure it could be possible to wait only half an hour, but sometimes even up to two hours. The waiting time could be extended in case of weather problems or delays of flights. The seaplane flies only when there is light. The flights by sea plane depart from 6 am to 5.30 pm. There are no problems about arrivals to Hulhule and departures from Hulhule of international flights in the morning. Regarding the flights that arrive in the afternoon, it could be necessary, in case of flight delay or weather problems, to stay overnight in Male. The seaplane will take you to the airport in the afternoon to take flights, that depart from Hulhule in the evening.

Trans Maldivian Airways

Tel: 00960 3305201 - Fax: 00960 3305173
Sito web:

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The domestic flight is used to reach the resorts located in the farthest atolls or in the atolls whit a local airport. For example, many resorts in Baa atoll are usually reached by a domestic flight. After the domestic flight it is necessary to use the boat. The transfer from the airport to the resorts takes from 10 minutes up to 50 minutes, depending on the distance The domestic flight flies also when it is dark. There are two companies of domestic flights . The Maldivian and the Flyme. The Maldivian’s services cover most of the atolls and the company arranges also flights to Asia. WEBSITE

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The internal flights from Hulhule depart from a dedicated airport, which is placed next to the international airport. The other company, initially created to connect the resort Holiday Island and Sun Island to the airport Hulhule, has expanded its range and now its services cover different far atolls. WEBSITE

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The transfer time depends on the distance. The domestic flight from Hulhule takes about 60 minutes to reach the farthest atolls. The frequency of flights depends on the atoll. For the most popular atolls there are 5 or 6 daily flights. For others 1 or 2.
The domestic airports in the Maldives are the following:
Haa Alifu Atoll: Hanimaadhoo
Baa Atoll: Dharavandhoo
Dhaalu Atoll: Kudahuvadhoo
South Ari Atoll: Maamingili
Thaa Atoll: Thimarafushi
Laamu Atoll: Kadhdhoo
Gaafu Alifu Atoll: Kooddoo
Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll: Kaadedhdhoo
Gnaviyani Atoll: Fuvahmulah
Addu Atoll: Gan