Necessary luggage for Maldives

The dress-code in the majority of the islands is casual/sport: T-shirts, and cotton clothing are the most suitable. On the island you will often wear a bathing suit and no shoes, as you will always walk on cold coral sand. Absolutely necessary are the suntan creams and the after-sun, but also sunglasses and caps. Mask, fins and snorkel are also important, unless you don't decide to rent them directly at the resort, very often free of charge.

In case you don't have an underwater camera, we recommend you to bring the disposable ones from your country, as you will discover a completely new universe of unique colours and shapes. You can also find them at the resort, but usually these are more expensive. In case you go to Male' or to a Fishermen's village (all resorts organize these trips), you must adopt a proper dress-code.

The Maldives is an Islamic country, therefore women must be covered from their shoulders to their knees and men must wear a T-shirt and short trousers. It is also necessary to wear sandals.