Health information for Maldives

The Maldives is not a dangerous destination from the sanitary point of view: in fact vaccinations are not mandatory. Only in case you come from areas with the risk of yellow fever you need to have a valid international vaccination certificate.
You must consider that at the Maldives you will change your climate and food customs.
Pay attention to the air conditioning, to the sunstrokes, to the burnings and to the food which is often very spicy.

Bring with you your usual medicines, intestinal flora disinfectant, anti-emetic, painkillers, antifebriles, creams against burnings, band-aids, antibiotics, disinfectants for scares and ear-drops.
In the last years, many resorts operate disinfestations against mosquitoes, but in case you are allergic to them, take a specific repellent with you.
While you shower, remember to wash your ears with fresh water, better if you do it more times a day and after each bath: sometimes the plankton can cause otitis with fever.
In case of ear pain, before taking any medicine, it is better to consult a doctor, as there are different inflammation types.

If necessary, it is possible to call a seaplane to take the patient to the nearest hospital. If you are not insured, the cost can be very high and depends on the distance of your resort from the hospital. Seaplanes cannot fly during the night.