Behaviour in Maldives

The Maldives is an Islamic religious country. For this reason nudism is forbidden whether on the beaches and in the sea. However in some islands topless is allowed. It is better to always have the bathing suit with you, in case Maldivian people are in the neighbourhood. Anyway, it is always better to ask the resort staff which is the most proper behaviour.
During trips to the capital and to the fisherman’s villages, men dress-code is usually short trousers and T-shirt, while women dress-code is usually a T-shirts and skirts or short trousers, as women must be always covered from the shoulders to the knees.

Behaviour in the sea

Do not touch anything in the water. Do not touch the corals or any other rock with your fins. If you need to stand, find a sandy place. Do not touch the corals with your body, as it can irritate your skin.
Shoes with sturdy soles are not necessary: in the lagoon you can find small pieces of dead coral, but it is easy to avoid them. Do not pick up anything. Each removed thing damages the marine ecosystem.
Shells, for example, which are usually collection objects, play a very important role. The triton, for example, is the sole natural enemy of the Acanthaster plancy. This is a marine star that can eat up to six square meters of reef in one month. Unfortunately the tritons’ shells are very required and they have been almost exterminated, even if they belong to a protected species. Without their enemies, this marine star has multiplied without control and the consequence has been the destruction of many reefs.
Also the empty shells should be left where they are, as they often host hermit crabs, which must continuously change their “house”, according to their growth rhythm.

shell shell triton

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