Tourist attractions in Male'

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1. Jumhooree Faalan (Official jetty). Docking for the President
2. Jumhooree Maidhaan (Republic Square). This square was built in 1989 and is very popular place for those who wish to relax, talk and meet other people in the evening. On the Eastern side of the square there is the pennon with the Maldivian flag
3. Fish Market
4. Fruit and Vegetable Market
5. Masjid Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen (Sultan Palace)
6. Theemuge (Presidential Palace)
7. Islamic Center & Majid Sultan Mohamad Thakurufaanu Al-au'zam (Islamic center and the big Friday Mosque Mohamad Thakurufaanu Al-au’zam). The most famous palace in Male’, it is a three-level Islamic centre opened on November 1984. With his golden dome, it dominates the city of Male’ and can be easily seen from the sea. The big Friday Mosque is the biggest mosque of the Maldives and can host more than 5000 people. Main room of the mosque has panels and doors of carved wood, a special carpet and chandeliers. The Islamic centre includes a meeting room and a library.
8. Dhiraagu & Cyber caffe
9. National Museum.The new museum exhibits dresses, tools, weapons and the Sultan’s throne with beautiful varnished wood decorations and other finds belonging to the pre-Islamic period.
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10. Jumhooree Binaa (Republic Monument)
11. National Security Service (National Security Headquarter)
12. Police Headquarters
13. President's Office
14. Minaret of Hukuru Miskiy
15. Hukuru Miskiy (Old Friday Mosque). This Mosque is famous for its beautiful rooms with intricately carved panels (one in particular, of the XIII century, evokes conversion to Islam). The Mosque was built on a old West oriented temple and this explains its anomalous orientation. Very interesting are the white and blue minaret and the small cemetery with graves of ancient sultans on the West part.
16. Mulee-Aage. This is the previous Presidential palace, originally built by the Sultan Shamsudden III for his son after the first world war. On May 1936 the Sultan and his son were expelled from the country and the house was declared a government property. The Palace was used as a office by the following governments. When the Maldives became a Republic in 1953, the Mulee-aage became the official President Residence. In 1986 it has been transformed into a Presidential palace and has been modified and adorned for the official functions and to host the Heads of States.
17. Medhu Ziyaariay (Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary Grave). In front of the Friday Mosque there is the Medhu Ziyarat, the Abul Brarakat Yoosuf Al Barbary grave, the scholar from Morocco who converted the Maldivian people to Islam in 1153.
18. Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu Miskiy
19. Kalhu Vakaru Miskiy
20. Boduthakurufaanu Ziyaaraiy (Grave of the Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu Al-au’zam)
21. People's Majlis (The Parliament)
22. Bank of the Maldives
23. Maldivian Tourist Office (MTPB)
24. Post Office
Hukuru Miskiy (Old Friday Mosque) Masjid Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen (Sultan Palace) Kalhu Vakaru Miskiy National Museum & Sultan Park eople's Majlis (The Parliament) President's Office Mulee-Aage Jumhooree Binaa (Republic Monument) Medhu Ziyaariay (Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary Grave) Islamic Center & Majid Sultan Mohamad Thakurufaanu Al-au'zam (Islamic center and the big Friday Mosque Mohamad Thakurufaanu Al-au’zam) Theemuge (Presidential Palace) Fruit and Vegetable Market Jumhooree Maidhaan (Republic Square) Fish Market Jumhooree Faalan (Official jetty) Minaret of Hukuru Miskiy