Land fauna in Maldives

The most common animal in the Maldives is the gecko that lives on walls close to artificial light and feeds on insects. There are also small reptiles, called “bondu”, which are yellow-headed iguanas. Thanks to their skin, they mimic trees and sand very well.
The only mammals are small palm mice and flying foxes.

Flying foxes in MaldivesLand Fauna in the Maldives

Flying foxes are bats that can be easily spotted in the evening, when they fly among the palms. They feed on fruits and are absolutely harmless to the humans. On some islands, one can find cats and rabbits brought by local people working in the resorts.
Many bird species can be found in the Maldives: crows, herons, terns, crackles, sea eagles, etc.
There are more than 12 species of herons and the most common is the grey heron (Ardea Cinerea Rectirostris). Very often, during the low tide, it keeps still in the lagoon with its legs in the water, ready to fly and hunt blue fish, its favourite food. Other birds are hard to spot, as they spend all the day among or over the trees.

gecko in Maldives Land Fauna in the Maldives
Land Fauna in the Maldives